Board of Deacons

The deacons are important members and officers of the church. They are nurturing, kind and caring. The welfare of their “flocks” is of utmost concern to them. To that end, each deacon is assigned a flock of church members to care for and look after as part of his/her duties as a shepherd.


The Care

This caring can consist of contacting their individual members to see how they are doing, visiting them if they are hospitalized, taking them meals, sending cards and keeping them informed about events in the life of the church. The deacons are also responsible for the Prince of Peace meal and flower ministries. Each deacon is a member of at least one committee in the life of the church. The deacons also maintain our Prince of Peace Deacon Handbook, with the help of the church secretary who types it for us. Current projects are to update the membership roll and to revamp the prayer list.



The Prince of Peace Fellowship Committee operates under the Board of Deacons.

The Board of Deacons meets monthly during the year.

The Board of Deacons consists of three classes of three adults serving three year terms, in addition one youth deacon can be elected by the congregation for a one year term.

Class of 2018                       Class of 2019                  Class of 2020

Nancy Huffman                      Fred Baum                        Pat Baum

Roger Shahan                         Sue Cordell                       Visca Talumewo

MindaTangkuman                  Maudy Karamoy                 (open)

Jordon Watung (youth)