Our Story

In the winter of 1983 the Presbytery of Scioto Valley purchased five acres of property in the Pickerington area for the purpose of a new church development. A small white house was moved to the property and used for the first church service. It continues to be used today as an art and educational building. The church held their services at the former Violet Grange in old Pickerington until our current building was constructed in 1990. The three mortgages for this building have been paid in full.


Our Church

The new Prince of Peace Presbyterian Church was Chartered on April 15, 1985 with 101 members and has been served by three called pastors.  We continue to thrive and are blessed to have a culturally diverse congregation.

Through the last 30+ years the church has been very active in Mission work. We have supported both local and regional programs these include, but are not limited to: work with the food pantry, habitat for Humanity, MS Walk, Joseph’s Coat and many mission work trips.

Prince of Peace has always been a close knit family of caring people who watch out for one another and reach out to others in our community and beyond.