Weekly Blast

October 17, 2017


The Dining Out Group is going to the Cherry Street Pub in Lancaster on Wednesday, October 25th at 6pm

Ladies Circle  on the 26th  will be at Gails instead of Joyce Pomberts.


Message from the Scout Leader:

We're planning our activities for November and would like to continue to do what we did last year if possible.  

November 4th is our annual leaf raking service project.  Are you able to provide me with three families that we can help out with this?  We'd like to stay in the Pickerington area.  We will start at 10am.  

The scouts have been given the ok to help with the thanksgiving baskets this year.

This is a note from Amberly about the leaf raking and the Thanksgiving baskets.  Please let Marsha know if you need their services.


A note from Roger Shahan regarding Thanksgiving Baskets!!   I know it is early to be thinking of Thanksgiving , but we are going to start collecting monetary donations and foods for the PCMA Thanksgiving Baskets.  We will be packing the baskets on November 18th and all donations should be in by November 12th.  Be sure and read your bulletin for items needed along with the monetary donations and how to make them.


There will be the BBQ Neighborhood Appreciation party at Sycamore Creek Senior Living on Thursday, 10/19, from 11 am to 1 pm.  Please RSVP if you are going:  614-682-8313 


Next Friday 10/20, you can get a flu shot and margerita at our senior living location, Sycamore Creek.  Bring your ID and Insurance cards.  Will have to let you know the time later.


 This is all I have for this week


You can still bring your tithing card to church, put into offering plate.  

If I've left out anything important, let me know, I'll get it in Fridays blast.


Peace and Love,  

enjoy the sun today








October 10, 2017


Hello Church Friends,  What a great day!  Although, this IS Ohio, and it will change in a few minutes.


Little bits of reminders today:  Thursday 10/12, Mission & Outreach meet at 7 pm.   Finance meets at 9 am on Saturday 10/14, then Stewardship at 10:15.


Roger and Donna Shahan are providing their home for a🌮Weenie Roast/Bonfire/S'more's making on Saturday 10/14. Bring a dish to share if you are able, a chair if you want one, a drink and long-handled roasting forks.he weenie roast at our house  this Sat. at 7 as you know.  Our address is 10605 Doty Rd Pickerington  our phone is 614 837 5380.  To get to our house from the church you follow Hill Rd (256) through downtown Pickerington 4 miles out of Pickerington is Doty Rd  on the left.  Turn left and follow  Doty for a mile and our gray farm house is on the left.


Sunday 10/15 is Stewardship/Commitment Sunday;  be sure to bring your Tithing card;  extras are at the church on the narthex table.    GMIM Church worships at 8:30 pm.


The children and youth will have a Halloween Party after worship this coming Sunday, 10/15, until 3 pm.  Here's Zoe's message to you    "The Halloween Party has been moved up to this coming Sunday, October 15! It will be held right after church, 12-3 PM. Feel free to wear a costume and join us for fun games, Halloween activities, and yummy food! Please let Zoë know if you plan to attend by Friday at 4 (Facebook, text, call, or email)"  🤗🕸


Session meets Monday 10/16 at 7 pm, as does the Yoga class, only at 10 am.


Wednesday 10/18, the OWLS are having a "Game Day' at church, from 2 to 4 pm.  No charge.  Bring a favorite game if  you wish.  If anyone has any card tables the church can borrow, please bring them in before 10/18.


Sycamore Creek Senior Living is having a "Neighborhood Appreciation" BBQ on Thursday 10/19, from 11 to 1.  If you'd like to go, please RSVP to 614-682-8313.  They're having this get-together to thank us for helping them out, such as using our parking lot, etc.


The Ladies Circlle is meeting at Joyce Pomberts' home on Thursday 10/26 at 2 pm.


Coming up on November 4, the Sycamore Senior Living group is having a Holiday Bazaar at the facility.  Lots of Christmas gift ideas!

More details on that soon.


Well, it's time to dig something out of the freezer for supper.  Maybe I'll just let them hack at it frozen so I dont have to cook......


See you all later I hope.  Peace and love,







October 3,2017


Hello Church friends,  another nice day!    Here's the news for this week:


Wednesday 10/04      Club iConnect   6:30


Friday  10/06      Breakfast at Scramblers 9 am


Sunday   10/08     Building and Grounds are scheduled to meet after worship


Monday    10/09    Yoga, 10 am,         Deacons 7 pm


Thursday   10/12      Mission and Outreach   7 pm


Saturday    10/14     Finance  9 am,   Stewardship  10:30


Saturday    10/14     Bonfire at Shahans,   7 pm;  hot dogs provided, bring a dish to share, a drink and chair if you want one.  Will be fun!  Everyone come!


Also, the Game day is coming up, 10/18 at 2 pm until 4 pm.   If you'd like to come, please RSVP to:   Karrol Walters 740-862-8497, Dorothy Peterson 614-834-8123, Tom Jones 614-829-7480


If you have a card table that POP can borrow for the Game Day, please bring it to the fellowship hall before the 18th.  Bring some games, anything you'd like to play.



Bless you,





September 26, 2017


Hi Church Friends,


Well here's our blast for today.  Did we skip Winter and go right into Summer?  Sure Feels like it.


Tomorrow night, Wednesday 9/27, the Dining Out Group will meet at the Village Winery and Bistro on High St in Canal Winchester, at 6 pm for dinner.


Your Stewardship letters were mail last week, and if you haven't received yours, please let me know and we'll get the information out to you.


We need prayers for Griffin Walker, who began having seizures again after having surgery a few months ago, to fry to eliminate the seizures.


Scouts will be at church tonight, and the Breakfast Buddies will meet at the Wigwam in Canal Winchester.  Next Friday, 10/6, we will have a new breakfast place (someone let me know where it's at!)


Rally day is coming up Saturday 9/30.  Lots of fun for central Ohio church kids at POP.  $10 for 3 hours of fun, noon to 3 pm.  Snacks too.


Elizabeth Fongod's services and viewing are Saturday 9/30, at  GRACE COMMUNITY FELLOWSHIP .6455 E LIVINGSTON AVE,REYNOLDSBURG,OHIO 43068  614 348 4763. Viewing is from 4 to 6 pm, service is from 6 to 8 pm.


This Sunday, October 1, is World Communion Sunday, and also the Peace and Global Witness Offering.


Fellowship will meet Oct 2, at 7 pm at Tim Horton's.


The OWLS Game Day, Oct 18, will be from 2 to 4 pm.  All are invited, bring your favorite board and other games.  If you have a card table we can borrow just for the night, please bring in anytime before Oct 18.  There will be refreshments at the Game Day.


Zoe is returning home this Sunday to preach at POP.  It will be good to see her again.


The grandkids haven't been over lately;  I think the parents are afraid to let Conner out of their sight;  I would be too.  But he's doing fine.


People who will live at the Older Adult building across the street are moving in now.


Take care everyone, it is so hot out, just stay in.


Peace and love,  Marsha



September 19, 2017


Hello Church Friends, Well, I've got my news figured out for this week.  I hope you've been enjoying this weather this week.  Embrace it while you can!


Pastor Desiree continues to send good reports back, check out the church's Facebook.


Ladies Circle will be this Friday 9/22 at 2 pm, Donna Shahan's home.


Allan Robot will be filling in for Pastor Desiree this coming Sunday.  We look forward to his sermon.


Donna will be teaching Yoga and Stretching Monday the 25th at 10 am.


The Scouts will be here Tuesday the 26th at 6:30.


Breakfast with the Buddies at the Wig Wam at 9 am.


Rally Day, a celebration of the start of the Sunday School season, will be Saturday 9/30.  Kids from churches all over.


October 1 is World Communion Sunday, along with the Peace and Global Witness Offering.  Our Zoe is coming home to preach on that day, so be sure to come to church!


The Stewardship meeting has been changed from the 21st of October to Saturday October 14, at 10:15 or so.  the Finance meeting will be before that at 9 am.


The OWLS will be having their "Game Day" on Wednesday Oct 18, from 2 to 4 pm.  Bring your favorite games.  Refreshments will be provided.  Please RSVP to one of the OWLS if you can make it or if you have questions:  Karrol  740-862-8497, Dorothy  614-834-8123 or Tom Jones  614-829-7480.


If you have a card table, could the church borrow it for the event?  We won't need the chairs, we have plenty here at church, but we do need a few tables.  Just bring them in anytime before 10/18.  Leave them in the Fellowship Hall.


Little Conner is doing well, the diabetes doesn't bother him at all.  His parents are super frazzled though.  Soon it will fall into a routine I hope.  I told them to see if their German Shepherd could be trained to help Conner, like a service dog, to detect when he needs insulin,  but my son said the dog can't walk without tripping over it's own tail, so I guess that's out.


Well, enjoy the week, sit in the sun, and thank God for his gift of the sun.





September 12, 2017


Ed Eblin is trying to help us with our communication between the church and congregation.  Hard as we try, sometimes people don't always get important news.  Will you take the survery by clicking on the link below?




Do you shop at Kroger's? Would you like Kroger to make a donation to Prince of Peace because you do? Registration is simple go to the link below, create an account and follow the registration process. Please choose Prince of Peace Presbyterian when it asks you what organization you would like to donate to. That's it! Kroger will then quarterly make a donation to POP without costing you anything!  It's based upon what you spend at Kroger, but it comes out of their pocket, not ours.  The Kroger # you might need is 81833; that is Prince of Peace's #..


Important if you had previously registered you do not need to re-register each year anymore.


Go to website, kroger.com, click on community rewards and fill out a registration.


Pastor Desiree left this morning and is on her way!  What an adventure!  She said she would be posting on Facebook regularly, so you can keep track of her.

While Pastor is out of town, Pastor Zegeye will be here to provide Pastoral Care if needed.  His # is:  614-330-0405;  his email is:  morodaz@yahoo.com.


Mission & Outreach meet Wednesday 9/13 at 7 pm here at POP.

there will be no In/Office pastor hours this week.

Breakfast Buddies are still gobbling up their breakfast at Wig Wam.


Saturday 9/16, Finance committee meets at 9 am and Stewardship meets at 10:30.

There is NO Session meeting on 9/18.


Ladies Circle has a new date of 9/22, 2 pm at Donna Shahan's home.

Scouts will be here tonight.


The GMIM worship group will meet here at 8:30 pm on Sunday evening 9/24.


Coming up, Prince of Peace will provide the location for the upcoming Rally Day! on 9/30, for the Presbyterian churches in our presbytery.  Lots of fun and games to kick off the start of Sunday School.


I will be attempting to update the directory this week and next.  If you have any changes, please let me know.


In case all of you didn't know, Shirley Patrick passed away last week.


Keep an eye on our bulletin board out front.  We try to keep it updated with our own events, and events sent to us by others.  Schumacher Gallery, at Capital U, sends me cards about exhibits and shows and I bring them in.  It doesn't cost anything and the exhibits are beautiful.


If you have any plastic containers to donate, or eyeglasses, pop can tabs, clothing for Joseph's coat, bring your recyclables in.  There's always somebody who can use something.


Little Conner is doing better.  The doctor's have reduced his insulin amount twice. Although he still has to get stuck.


I think it's time to hit the road.  I'm buried in paper so I better get out before I get lost in my office.  Yesterday was Harold and my's 52nd wedding anniversary..  How did he put up with me for all those years?  I do know he has 'selective hearing'.  That must be it.


Bless you all,

Pray for the whole southeastern US, and Texas and the islands off Fla.  Jeff and Sue had to evacuate HHI.  My in-laws live in Charleston SC and she went to Virginia.






September 5, 2017

Dear Church Friends,


Hope you all had a good week and weekend.  I cleaned the basement......And only have about 3 years worth of work to finish.  Imagine all your kids left everything when they moved out, then when one of them moved back in, brought more and never, ever throws anything away.  And 16 years worth of toys from Lily.  Lucky I can get to the freezer in the basement!


In Sunday's bulletin, you will find a Family Devotional each Sunday; this is for families to work on together, not a big project; just bring you closer to one another and to God.    We'll also have a flyer about the Peace and Global Witness Offering each week until October 1, Communion Sunday when we will donate our offerings.  The church keeps 25% of the collection to use to help others.


Building & Grounds is to meet after worship this Sunday.   And the Youth will practice for their participation in worship the following Sunday, 9/10.


On 9/11 Donna will teach Yoga at 10 am and the Deacons meet at 7 pm.


Our first Scout meeting is tonight at 6:30 pm.

The Pastor will have her last In/Office time until she returns from her Indonesian trip and resumes.  She leaves Tuesday 9/12.


Mission and Outreach meet 9/13 at 7 pm, Ladies Circle meets Friday 9/15 at 2 pm.  Stewardshipp meets Saturday 9/16 at 10:30 pm.


In October, the newly re-organized OWLS (Older, wiser, livelier, seniors) will have a "Game Day".  It will  be Wednesday, October 18, from 2 to 4 pm.   If you'd like to come, bring a favorite game; there will be refreshments and lots of fun.  there will be a flyer in your bulletin and posters around the church.  You don't have to be a 'senior' to come.


That's about all I have.  Little Conner is doing just great.  But unfortunately you can't always tell if his sugar is up or down without poking him.


Sue Myers Aunt Mrs. Dollison has passed away.


Take Care and have a good week.


Peace and Love,




Lots of articles for you to read this week!  There are 2 Food Pantry articles - items they need plus there will be free dental care for those who need it.  You can pass the info along to friends who might be in need, or yourself.  The attachment gives the details.


Food Pantry article # 1

Food Pantry article # 2


2017 PSV Youth Tailgate Poster