Weekly Blast

Lots of articles for you to read this week!  There are 2 Food Pantry articles - items they need plus there will be free dental care for those who need it.  You can pass the info along to friends who might be in need, or yourself.  The attachment gives the details.


Food Pantry article # 1

Food Pantry article # 2


2017 PSV Youth Tailgate Poster


The Fall Rally day will have tailgate food, 60" TVs showing football games, outdoor games, the Buckeye Game Truck where you can play video games.  It will be fun with the children and youth and their adults.  Much more - see the attachment, along with the poster attachment.  These posters will be around the church when I get back from paradise.


There was a meeting scheduled for "Bridges Out of Poverty", but it has been postponed until October.


The Older Adult Rally is coming up (any age can go) 8/27, from 3 pm to 6 pm.  Registration begins at 2:30 pm at Overbrook Presby Church, 4131 N High St, 43214.  Cost, which includes snacks, is $5.  The registration deadline was 8/14, but you can call Dagmar Romage at 614-847-0565, see if you can still get in.  The speaker is Rabbi Cary Kozberg, speaking on the death of Moses. He was a much admired speaker last year.


The Scouts will be returning to POP on September 5.


The following items are scheduled on the calendar but check with your committee moderator if you are unsure:


Tuesday          8/15            Mission & Outreach  7 pm

Wednesday     8/16           Personnel    7 pm - in the Music Room

Friday              8/18           Breakfast at Olde Village Diner at 9 am

Marsha is dragged screaming back to Ohio

Saturday         8/19            Finance 9 am

Stewardship 10:30 am

Sunday           8/20            Worship  10:30 am

GMIM Worship  8:30 pm


Monday          8/21            Yoga/Stretching   10 am

Session (?)    7 pm

Thursday        8/24            Pastor In/Office Hours  10 to noon

Friday             8/25            Breakfast at Olde Village Diner 9 am

Ladies Circle at Linda Johnson's home, 2 pm

Sunday           8/27            Older Adult Rally 3 to 6 pm



Coming up:

Sunday           9/3-9/1       Peace and Global Witness Offering

Wednesday    9/5             Scouts first meeting   6:30 pm



Robin Wright notified us that her sister Sue Reynolds continues to be in unrelenting pain.  The Doctors are unable to determine the cause.  Friends of Robin and Bill, Kevin and Summer Landers' unborn baby was found to have a heart defect.  Please add Sue and the Landers baby to your prayers.


We will be seeing Jeff and Sue tonight for dinner.  It will be great to see them again.  The little rascals all had a great time on their vacation.  They stayed with their other grandparents in Charleston SC for 3 days; then came down here.  I think the other grandparents are still napping and recovering.  They also had their son and one of his children.


The kids really learned how to surf this time.  I was proud of them.  Now they're gearing up to go to school and cause havoc there.


See everyone later,  Marsha